Print Media

Before partition, Lahore was the hub of print media and almost all the newspapers of the United Punjab were being published from there. After the holocast of partition, the press shifted to Jalandhar and started afresh with limited means. In a very short span of period the press stood on its feet and has now become very influential organ of public opinion.

Jalandhar City is the centre of print media. Many dailies and weeklies are published in various languages. Some of them are fine manifestation of journalism. The daily Ajit is a leading newspaper which has wider circulation and readership especially in the rural areas. Hind Samachar Group publishes Jag Bani in Punjabi, Punjab Kesari in Hindi and Hind Samachar in Urdu. These newspapers are also read by a large number of people. Amar Ujala and Dainik Jagran are published in Hindi. These two newspapers have included several interesting sections thus arousing the curiosity of public. Akali Patrika, Aj-Di-Awaj, Jantak Lehar are other dailies published in Punjabi. Milap in Hindi and Urdu, Vir Partap in Hindi are also published from Jalandhar.

These newspapers have their news correspondents at the District, Sub- Division headquarters and also in small towns to get latest news.

National newspapers like Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Tribune, Indian Express have posted their reporters here for collecting all local news.

These newspapers are disseminating news and information to the people and are a great source of media to educate the people in the method of performing their civic duty. They are also playing a very positive role in strengthening the bonds of communal harmony and adopt an attitude of restraint in projecting views involving communal tension and disturbance.