Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited
Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited Jalandhar
Videsh Sanchar Bhavan
J.P. Nagar, Jalandhar City 144002
Ph: - 0181-207101, Fax: 0181-200060

Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited has played an important role in bringing Punjab on the international Telcom map in general and JALANDHAR  in particular by :

Establishing first INTERNATIONAL TELECOM GATEWAY CENTRE in non-metro city of V.S.N.L. right in the heart of  JALANDHAR CITY, at J.P.NAGAR on 7th April, 1998.

It is first complete Gateway, which housed all the International Telecom infrastructural facilities of latest art of technology, having 13 M Satellite Antenna right on the top of the 22 metre Building, connecting Jalandhar directly to the REST of the WORLD via latest INTELSAT SATELLITE series 906 located at 64 deg. E on the Earth Equator.

All the ISD ("OO")  Voice telephony traffic from the states Punjab, Haryana, H.P. & J&K is being served from this very Gateway only, by giving access to all 239 countries of the world directly from here.

All the "Internet" related VALUE ADDED SERVICES are being taken care from this very Gateway, including sophisticated Video Conference Studio.

This Gateway provide direct high speed INTERNET GATEWAY connectivity to all the major Engineering Colleges of Punjab, GND Amritsar, and to private ISPs. 

Since its inception, this Gateway, has played an important role, in spreading Internet related a general awareness among the Public and thus successfully succeeded in creating new Job opportunities related with IT.

As a result of our continuous untiring efforts, It gives me a great satisfaction to convey that, today we are serving a family of  committed 15,000 Internet subscribers, distributed througfh-out Punjab, 40 % of which belong to Rural and semi urban areas.

Again this is the only Gateway, wherein internet subscribers are being served by Post / Courier at our own cost. As spreading  INTERNET in  Punjab, we have made  our own Agenda, besides our normal duties.

Further, 10% of our subs. are residing, deep interior of the villages, enjoying the fruits of cheap voice connectivity by using the potential of PC, through VoIP telephony,  to their dear ones, so called NRIs. A REAL BOOM for them, which has made them to say, Ah, we are today living in a GLOBAL Village.