Government and Private Hospitals

A brief description regarding Government as well as privately managed hospitals functioning in District is given below:

Shaheed Babu Labh Singh Civil Hospital, JalandharShaheed Babu Labh Singh Civil Hospital, Jalandhar Victoria Civil Hospital Jalandhar was established in 1909 and was renamed as Shaheed Babu Labh Singh Civil Hospital in 1975. Recently a new building has been built by Government and now it has started functioning from the new building. It has 400 beds. It provides treatment in medicine, general surgery, eye, E.N.T., orthopedic, pediatric, skin diseases etc. The hospital is manned by Chief Medical Officer, 20 Doctors, 94 Nurses, 11 Laboratory Technicians and 10 pharmacists. The hospital is also running a Nursing Training School. It has blood bank facilities also.

Mobile Eye Hospital, Jalandhar – the hospital was started in 1976. It provide specialized treatment for eye diseases. The hospital is manned by 1 Senior medical Officer, 1 Medical Officer, 2 Pharmacists, 1 Nursing Sister and 5 Staff Nurses.

Civil Hospital, Nakodar – The hospital has 56 beds. It provides treatment in medicine and surgery. The hospital is manned by 1 Senior Medical Officer, 6 Medical Officers, 1 Dental Surgeon, 3 Pharmacists, 1 Radiographer, 2 Laboratory Technicians, 1 Nursing Sits and 11 Staff Nurses.

Civil Hospital Phillaur – Civil Hospital, Phillaur was established in 1952. It has 50 beds. It provides treatment in medicine and surgery. The hospital is manned by 1 Senior Medical Officer, 8 Medical Officers, I Dental Surgeon, 1 Chief Pharmacist, 2 Pharmacist besides, miscellaneous class IV staff. Blood bank facility is also available in the hospital.

Civil Hospital, Nurmahal – The hospital came into existence even before the partition of the country. It has 25 beds. It provides treatment in surgery and medicines. The hospital is manned by 2 Doctors, 2 Pharmacists, 1 Nursing Sister, 4 Staff Nurses, 1 Dai and 1 Laboratory Assistant.

E.S.I. Hospital, Jalandhar – The hospital was established in 1978. It has 100 beds. It provides treatment in E.N.T. medicine and surgery. The workers covered under the employees State Insurance Scheme are provided medical facilities. A blood bank is also functioning in the hospital. The hospital is manned by 40 Doctors, 32 Staff Nurses, 23 Pharmacists, 4 Laboratory Technicians, 8 A.N.Ms and 3 Radiographers.

Cantonment General Hospital, Jalandhar Cantonment – The hospital was established in 1911 with the prime object to serve as a pulse for health of the troops. The other objective of this hospital was to serve as an infectious disease hospital. After the World War I, this hospital was rename as 29th Punjabi’s War Memorial Cantonment general Hospital in the memory of martyrs of 29th Punjabi Regiment. Since then it is functioning as an infectious disease hospital. However some additional facilities like maternity services and routine outdoor services are also provided. The hospital has 34 beds. It is manned by 2 Doctors, 2 Staff Nurses, 2 A.N.Ms., 2 Pharmacists, 1 Vaccinator, 1 Radiographer and 1 Trained Dai.

Gulab Devi Hospital, Jalandhar – The hospital is run by Gulab Devi Memorial Hospital Trust, founded by Lala Lajpat Rai in 1927 in the memory of his mother Smt. Gulab Devi. The hospital was first established in Lahore in 1934. After the partition of the country, the hospital was rehabilitated at Jalandhar in 1951 and was formally opened by the Union Health Minister Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur in 1955. It has 271 beds. To start with, it was only a T.B. hospital. Now it has five disciplines, viz. T.B., Medicines, Surgery, E.N.T. and Dental. The facilities provided by the hospital include pathological laboratories, well equipped operation theater, E.N.T. surgery unit X-Ray, E.C.G., Cardinal Monitor and defibrillator and bronchoscope. The hospital is manned by 5 Senior Medical Officers, 4 Medical Officers, 1 Pathologist, 1 Dental Surgeon, 3 Medical Officers, 1 Nursing Superintendent, 11 Staff Nurses, 13 A.N.Ms., 1 Pharmacists, 2 X-Ray Technicians and 3 Laboratory Technicians.

Guru Nanak Mission Hospital, Jalandhar Guru Nanak Mission Hospital, Jalandhar- The hospital was started in 1972. It provides treatment in medicines, orthopedics, surgery, dental and E.N.T. It has 100+ beds/private rooms. It gets donation from NRIs living in other countries. Now this hospital has five stories and a new building is also coming up. This hospital has become one of the leading hospitals of the city. The patients are provided medical treatment at a very nominal fees. Laboratory, E.C.G., X-Ray and ultra sound scanning facilities are also available in the hospital. The hospital is manned by 13 Senior Medical Officers, 15 Doctors, 64 Nurses, 2 Radiologists, 1 Refractionist, 1 Dispenser, 1 Operation Theater Assistant,, 2 Laboratory Assistants, 1 Male Nurse besides, other class IV staff.

Rajan Memorial Eye Hospital, Jalandhar – Originally, it was started as Rajan Memorial Clinic in 1969 and was upgraded as a full fledged hospital in 1971. It has 200 beds. The hospital provides specialized eye treatment and has all modern diagnostic therapectic equipment. It also provides clinical training to the medical students of C.M.C. Ludhiana. It has an eye bank. The hospital is manned by 8 Surgeons, 1Operation Theater Incharge, 1 Senior Refractionist, 1 Nursing Supervisors, 8 Ward Assistants and 1 Nurse.

Ruby Nelson Memorial Hospital, Jalandhar Cantonment - This hospital was established in 1966. It has 52 beds. The hospital offers services in medical, surgical and maternity. It is also equipped with an X-Ray department and laboratory facilities. In addition, the ophthalmology department caters to a large number of patients offering free eye care. The hospital is manned by 5 Doctors, 4 staff Nurses, 2 A.N.Ms., 10 Ward Assistants and 2 Laboratory Technicians.